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Connecting Your Business

VOIPAR can offer you any amount of Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers which can be called by users of any phone network to ring one or more of your local VoIP telephones. VOIPAR can accommodate you whether you need a single, main number for your office, or direct, dedicated numbers for each member of staff.

VOIPAR Telephone Numbers and DDI’s

Connecting you to your customers, your staff, your world.

UK DDIs Buy Now

VOIPAR have a database of over half a million UK geographic telephone numbers covering most urban areas in the UK. VOIPAR can also provide non-geographic numbers - such as 0845 local rate numbers, 03 national numbers or 0808 Freephone numbers.

International DDIs Buy Now

VOIPAR can also supply international geographic numbers from a variety of countries which allow you to claim an office presence in those countries. In many cases you can even specify which city or region you are interested in. Due to regulatory issues however in some cases you will need to provide proof of address in the relevant country to operate a number there.

Memorable Numbers Enquire

If you are keen to procure a telephone number that stands out or that is easier to remember then for an additional surcharge VOIPAR can provide you with a special 'Silver' and 'Gold' numbers which are drawn from an especially reserved pool. Silver and Gold numbers are available for every UK area code in the VOIPAR database, and the list of available numbers can be sent to you upon request to aid your decision.

Inbound Redundancy Enquire

For Hosted and Trunking customers VOIPAR can provide a special Inbound Redundancy option to ensure the continuation of the inbound service on your VOIPAR telephone number, even in the unlikely event that the VOIPAR Platform becomes unavailable. This service works by implementing an emergency call forward to a third party number of your choice. This service is inclusive for your first (main) number, and there is a surcharge to apply the option to any additional, subsidiary numbers.

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