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Digital lines with support for multiple numbers

  • Suitable for small and medium businesses
  • Supplied as Digital Standard or Digital System lines
  • The majority of lines will use Digital System technology
  • Can support multiple DDI number ranges
  • Requires a PBX phone system to link to your phones
  • ISDN 2 lines are supplied as pairs (2) channels
  • Lines supplied are subject to survey



Digital System ISDN2
Digital System ISDN2

This is when an ISDN2e line connects to a PBX. Signals from the network travel as far as the PBX which then, according to how it's programmed, decides the onward routing. DDI's can be set up with this configuration to point to internal extensions. This is the most popular choice of ISDN configuration.

Digital Standard ISDN2
Digital Standard ISDN2

This is a configuration where one stand alone ISDN2e line connects straight to equipment. These are typically used for data applications owing to the inability to support line hunting or multiple channels beyond the initial 2.

Supplied & Supported by Openreach
Supplied & Supported by Openreach

The lines we provide are supplied and supported by Openreach. Openreach are part of the BT Group, but are heavily regulated to ensure that no one provider has an advantage over the other. As such we buy our lines and support from Openreach on the same basis as everyone else. No competitor can deliver or support lines quicker than we can.

Fully Itemised Paperless Billing
Fully Itemised Paperless Billing

When you make calls through our lines we fully itemise each call allowing to you track spend. Alongside our standard online itemised billing you will find graphical statistics and powerful interrogation solutions providing you the ability to better understand what makes up the bulk of your call costs. To help the environment and to keep costs low we don't send out paper copies of calls, they are solely available online.

No Minimum Spend Commitments
No Minimum Spend Commitments

Unlike a growing number of our competitors we don't contract you to a minimum spend each month simply to get the best rates. We offer the best rates to all our customers allowing you to make use of the lines without thinking of how much or how little you are spending.

Directory Enquiries Listing
Directory Enquiry Listing

If you would like to appear, or not to appear in the directory enquiry, as a residential or business user, then we can set how this appears. Simply contact us to make any amendments, all of which are completed without additional charge.

Short Term Contracts
Short Term Contracts

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we operate our PSTN lines on 1 month contract terms. We believe that as long as we remain competitive and provide the support you require, there should be no need to restrict your line provider choice.

UK Phone & Email Support
UK Phone & Email Support

Our support staff are highly trained in dealing with telephone support queries. Using the very latest WLR3 platform from Openreach ensures we have powerful diagnostic tools and the ability to pick appointments whilst you are on the call to us. All support is housed in the UK within our Croydon offices.

Order Types

Transferring existing lines or installing new lines, we can deliver

Like-For-Like Transfer
Like-For-Like Transfer

When you have an existing line with another provider, and wish to move this across to VOIPAR we would typically action this on a like-for-like basis. This ensures that your line properties, DDI's and line features remain the same without any disruption or downtime.

Transfer with Changes
Transfer with Changes

When we transfer an existing phone line we can arrange to make changes to the line properties or features. For example, you may wish to change your line from a 4 channel operation to a 2 channel setup, or perhaps you would like CLIP enabled. We can handle all of these as part of the switch.

New Installation
New ISDN 2 Installation

If you require a new ISDN 2 line we are able to arrange this into your property. Provide us notes of where you would like it installed and these will be passed to the assigned engineer. Full details of the appointment slot for the visit are supplied in advance and can be changed if they're not suitable.

Change of Address
Change of Address

A change of address order would be required if you wish to retain your phone number as part of a move. There are some restrictions regarding number retention which can complicate matters, but our staff are trained to check and can advise on alternative arrangements if necessary.

Monthly Line Rental Subscription

The monthly subscription costs per channel

Product Price (ex.VAT) Price (inc.VAT) Description
ISDN rental (per channel) £12 £14.40

This is the monthly rental charge per channel and is applicable to Digital System and Digital Standard forms of ISDN2. For a 2 channel ISDN 2 the monthly cost would be (2 x £12) £24.

Transfer Charges

Maintaining short term contracts

Product Price (ex.VAT) Price (inc.VAT) Description
Transfer £17 £20.40

We charge a small fee of £17 to switch your existing ISDN 2 to our service. This ensures that we can offer you a 1 month contract for greatest flexibility.

New Installation

New phone lines installed by Openreach on behalf of VOIPAR

Product Price (ex.VAT) Price (inc.VAT) Description
New Installation (2 Channels) £257 £308.40

As standard we will install a Digital System ISDN 2 line which provides you with the ability to expand the number of channels at a later date, as well as provide you with the option of DDI numbers. For customers requiring Digital Standard ISDN 2 lines the setup cost is the same, but you need to make support aware of your requirements before ordering.

Additional Channels (in pairs) £257 £308.40

For each additional pair of ISDN 2 channels a setup cost of £257 is applicable to cover the costs of installation.

DDI Numbers

Direct dial numbers

Product Price (ex.VAT) Price (inc.VAT) Description
DDI Monthly Rental (per DDI) £0.45 £0.54

A DDI (direct dial number) is single phone number supplied in blocks of 10. Your PBX phone system can direct calls made to DDI numbers to specific extensions within your organisation.

SNDDI Monthly Rental £0.45 £0.54

An SNDDI is a single number DDI number, ideal if your DDI requirements are low and you won't make full use of a block of 10.

SNDDI Monthly Rental £90 £108

Whenever you need additional numbers adding to an ISDN 2 (new or existing) there is a one-off planning charge applied by Openreach to complete this in each instance.

Additional Features

These additional features can be added or removed from a line at any time

Product Price (ex.VAT) Setup (ex.VAT) Description
Caller Display (CLIP) £1.85 -

Allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you. If they choose to withhold their number, or are calling from abroad then the number won't appear.

Call Waiting £1.85 -

With Call Waiting, a beep alerts you to another call that is coming in. You then have the option to end your original call and take the new call, swap between both calls, or continue with their current call. In the latter case, the caller will be asked to ring back later.

Presentation Number £2.50 £57

The presentation number service allows you to set the number that appears when you dial out from your line. For example, you may way your 0845 non-geographic number to appear rather than the underlying geographic number.

Care Levels

Levels of support from Openreach

Business Lines Monthly Cost (ex.VAT) Monthly Cost (inc.VAT) Description
ISDN 2 Care Level 2 FREE FREE

This will operate during the period 0900 - 1800 hours Monday to Friday, and 0900 - 1200 Saturday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. Where a fault is reported outside normal working hours, the fault will be treated as if it has been reported at the beginning of the next working day. BT will respond within 4 working hours of receipt of a fault report. If the fault is not cleared during this period BT will advise us of the progress being made to clear the fault.

ISDN 2 Care Level 3 (per channel) £3.45 £4.14

This will operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including Bank and Public Holidays. BT will respond within 4 hours of receipt of a fault report. If the fault is not cleared during this period BT will advise us of the progress being made to clear the fault. End users with Priority Fault Repair Service can transfer this service over as Care Level 3. A special around the clock phone number will be provided to customers, which will call an VOIPAR engineer directly. This is to be used in emergency situations only and kept for outside of office hours.

Contract Length

Amongst of the shortest term ISDN 2 line contracts in the UK

Minimum contract lengths
New Installation 12 Months
Transfer Line 1 month


Answers to common questions

Questions around installation or anything else around your line? Below are the ones customers commonly ask and our answers. Should you have a question that isn't answered here you can call us on 0800 006 2 006 or email us solutions@voipar.co.uk.

1. How long does it take for a new line to be installed?

The timescale's for a new phone line depends on the available appointments locally from Openreach. These can vary typically from 10-20 working days for ISDN 2 lines. By default we will always select the soonest available appointment, although we can change this should this fail to suit you.

2. There is a phone socket already available. Can this be used?

Unlike with single PSTN lines it isn't possible to simply restart a stopped ISDN 2 line.

3. How long does it take to transfer my line from another provider?

If we complete a like for like transfer of a line, there is an Ofcom regulated timescale of 10 working days. The existing phone number(s) and features will be transferred in the process without any downtime or disruption.

4. Will I lose my phone number if I move?

If we are transferring your line from another provider your phone number will remain the same.

5. If I have a problem with my line who do I call?

Once a phone line has transferred to VOIPAR you should call or email us for any assistance, whether this be general advice or help with a fault.

6. Can I change my phone number / choose a number?

We can change your ISDN number, and we can add additional DDI number blocks, however at present there are no number selection facilities available. As such, the numbers provided would be the next available from Openreach's pools.

UK Landlines and Mobiles

Standard call charges to UK landlines and mobile networks

  Day Evening Weekend
Local Calls 1p 1p 1p
National Calls 1p 1p 1p
03 1p 1p 1p
  Day Evening Weekend
Vodafone 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p
Orange 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p
T-Mobile 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p
O2 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p
Virgin 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p
Three 9.5p 9.5p 9.5p

All call charges are shown as pence per minute, excluding VAT.