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VOIPAR is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. Our Cloud solutions incorporate & integrate the essential IT services that businesses need simply to do business—including e-mail, voice, file syncing and sharing, conferencing, instant messaging, security & archiving management, cloud solutions go beyond unified communications to include a broader depth of essential IT services provided by an individual company.

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VOIPAR is one of the most affordable Internet service providers in Britain, Particularly designed for business. Experience smooth streaming, downloading & uploading.

Email Exchange Services

Hosted Exchange from VOIPAR can help your company bring down the excessive costs of running a in house email exchange without the need for more devoted IT resources. Our Exchange can accelerate the technology evolution of your business at nearly on-demand speed.

Business phone systems

VOIPAR provides Business Hosted Phone System for small, medium and large scaled companies. Along with add on features such as IVR menu Systems, Call Recording, conference connecting and lower call costs.

DID Numbers

VOIPAR can offer you any amount of Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers which can be called by users of any phone network to ring one or more of your local VoIP phones. VOIPAR can provide you with a single main number for your office as well as dedicated numbers for each employee.


Voipar Offers a high-quality PSTN voice service that sits comfortably with next-generation technologies. PSTN is still important – many UK businesses and personal users use traditional voice calls every day. Our solution provides a service that is both versatile and reliable. Our services include a single-line option with Basic or Premium service levels, and a multi-line option with Premium as standard.


ISDN is a high-performance support which provides broadcast-quality voice and continuous, reliable data transmission. Continuous data transmission makes it ideal for use with EPOS machines and tills in shops, especially in areas with patchy broadband coverage.

Top Services

Email Services

Hosted Exchange from VOIPAR can help your business bring down the excessive costs of running Exchange in-house without the need for additional dedicated
IT resources.


VOIPAR broadband is one of the most affordable broadband service provider in England, Particularly suited for business. Experience smooth streaming, downloading & uploading.

Telephone System

VOIPAR service allows you to utilise a fully-featured business telephone system over your broadband without installing any expensive, dedicated equipment or telephone lines on your premises.

Why Us?

Our solutions experts are constantly reviewing emerging technologies to understand how they can be of benefit to our customers. In an industry known to tout the ‘next big thing’, we prefer to work with you to see if there is potential for the new technology in your business whilst maximising the benefits of your existing assets.

VOIPAR has data centres in London, IP core network. This puts IP (Internet Protocol) delivery in our control so we can guarantee low latency.

We have developed strong relationships and strategic agreements with our suppliers,which means we can pass the benefits of our purchasing power onto customers.

We are a UK focused and resourced business. Your solutions are designed and implemented by professionals who understand the UK market and your challenges, supported by a UK team of technical specialists. When you contact us with a support issue, our staff will understand your problem and identify the right path and resource to deal with it efficiently for a speedy resolution.