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Business Grade Telephony

Delivering more than low cost telecommunications to the business market

Home ADSL Broadband Line Rental & Calls

We are able to supply lines and call solutions across the whole of the UK using our partners Openreach. They are the same lines, appointments and engineers that the larger players such as VOIPAR supply. Voipar delivers cost effective solutions for business in the form of low cost calls, and discounted line rentals. Ask us for a quote today to see how much you can save!

Line Rental & Calls

Home ADSL Broadband Fax to Email

Although many see the use of the fax machine dwindling, and being replaced by email, there are still a significant number of businesses who retain their fax machine and maybe even a dedicated line. Our fax to email platform can provide you either with a new fax number, or we can port your existing number. This service helps reduce waste and increases accountability.

Fax to Email

Home ADSL Broadband Outbound SMS

Outbound SMS text messages can prove to be a great communication tool when you need to send small amounts of information to multiple recipients and get their attention wherever they are. Common applications are for reminders (eg MOT now due) and status announcements (eg there is a known issue...). This can prove to be a very effective and quick communication for businesses of any size.

Outbound SMS