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Quality broadband using 21CN and 20CN ADSL technologies
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Broadband packages to suit all budgets and download usage levels

  • £ 14
    21CN subscription £14
  • 5GB Peak Hours Monthly Downloads
  • 100GB Off-Peak Hours Monthly Downloads
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • 1 Month Minimum Contract

NOTE: Prices shown are monthly costs inclusive of VAT. 21CN prices shown in bold. 20CN prices confirmed below.

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Important Note About 21CN and 20CN

If your exchange is enabled for 21CN we will place you on the 21CN packages and pricing structure. As 20CN is being phased out we are actively moving, at our expense, customers to the 21CN platform as quick as possible. Once activeted on 21CN exchange equipment you will benefit from the new pricing and higher speeds.
21CN ADSL 2+ (upto 24Mbps)

The 21CN platform with VOIPAR Wholesale allows our customers to enjoy download speeds of upto 24Mbps, and upload speeds of upto 448k. The higher speeds are the result of ADSL 2+ technologies. The majority of customers will be able to receive this product, as opposed to the older 20CN solution which is slowly being phased out. For higher upload speeds please consider our Business and Annex M ADSL products, or FTTC and FTTP if enabled in your area.

20CN ADSL Max (upto 8Mbps)

A small proportion of exchanges remain only able to serve 20CN solutions from VOIPAR Wholesale meaning that you get an ADSL Max upto 8Mbps solution for downstream speeds, and upto 448k upspream. The pricing structure for 20CN connections works differently on a wholesale level, and this is reflected in some of our retail prices. By the end of 2014 all exchanges will have been upgraded to 21CN and we will actively moe you, without additional cost, to this platform once activated.

Downloads Capped

Bandwidth is neither unlimited and nor is it cheap for an ISP to operate a network. As opposed to flooding our products with lots of heavy traffic shaping, bottlenecks and fair usage policies, we clearly state the limits you can download each month. The caps operate on a calendar month, resetting on the 1st.

Unlimited Uploads

Unlike the downloads, we don't restrict how much you can upload from your connection. This can be ideal especially if you primarily send data (eg off-site backups, or send large attachment emails). None of these activities count towards your monthly usage allowances.

Peak Hours

Our peak hours of operation apply:
- 7 days a week
- From 08:00 to 20:00

Off-Peak Hours

Our off-peak hours of operation apply:
- 7 days a week
- From 20:01 to 07:59

Broadband Control Panel

Our broadband control panel provides you visibility and control over your connection. Login and you can not only manage your account from a billing perspective, but you can remotely take charge of your connection.

Usage Statistics

Our usage statistics are updated every 30 minutes. They can provide a valueable insight into how your connection is performing and how and when it is used. Whether you use this for home or business purposes the results can be very interesting.

Automated Usage Warnings

In the event you are predicted to exceed your download quotas our system will send you automated emails with options. These include avoiding additional charges, upgrading the cap, and paying for excess usage.

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

We fully support IPv6 on our ADSL platform. You can have both a free IPv4 address and a massive /48 IPv6 range at no additional cost. Only when you require additional or static IPv4 addresses do additional fees apply.

SMTP Service

Our SMTP service allows you to send emails via our servers. It can even be used on other ISP's and devices if authenticated with one of our free @voipar.com addresses.

5 Free @voipar.net Addresses

You can setup upto 5 email addresses using our voipar.com domain name. Each POP3 mailbox can be accessed from your desktop or via webmail. They are complete with free virus and spam filtering.

UK Based Phone & Email Support

All our support operates from our head office in South London. Phone calls are answered by trained and experienced staff who between them have handled 100,000's of broadband queries over the years. If you don't want to call, email in and the same team will reply to you regardless of the question.