Home Fibre Broadband (FTTC)
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Next Generation Home FTTC

Download speeds of up to 40Mbps, and upstream speeds of up to 2Mbps

  • £ 26
    £16.67 ex.VAT
  • 10GB Peak Hours Monthly Downloads
  • 50GB Off-Peak Hours Monthly Downloads
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Upto 40Mbps Downstream
  • Upto 2Mbps Upstraeam
  • 12 Month Minimum Contract

* Please use our broadband checker for an indication of the maximum speeds your line can support

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Up to 40Mbps Downstream

Fibre to the Cabinet technology allows you and your family access to significant increases in broadband speeds. Downloading files, whether they be music, video or photos can take a fraction of the time compared to ADSL. For confirmation of the speeds your line can support please use our availability checker.

Up to 2Mbps Upstream

Our home FTTC connections offer the slowest upload speed of all our packages. However, for most clients this will not only be more than enough, it's significantly faster than the up to 448k you may well have from your ADSL connection.

Openreach Modem Included

As part of the activation cost the visiting engineer will supply an connect an Openreach modem. This is used to connect the line to your network. It should remain powered up and connected at all times.

Router Still Required

Despite the fact that a modem is being supplied you will still need a router to share the connection on your network. This will differ from an ADSL router, so don't confuse the two. If in doubt contact our support teams who can advise.

FTTC Control Panel

Our broadband control panel provides you visibility and control over your connection. Login and you can not only manage your account from a billing perspective, but you can remotely take charge of your connection.

Usage Statistics

Our usage statistics are updated every 30 minutes. They can provide a valueable insight into how your connection is performing and how and when it is used. Whether you use this for home or business purposes the results can be very interesting.

Automated Usage Warnings

In the event you are predicted to exceed your download quotas our system will send you automated emails with options. These include avoiding additional charges, upgrading the cap, and paying for excess usage.

IPv4 and IPv6 Support

We fully support IPv6 on our ADSL platform. You can have both a free IPv4 address and a massive /48 IPv6 range at no additional cost. Only when you require additional or static IPv4 addresses do additional fees apply.

SMTP Service

Our SMTP service allows you to send emails via our servers. It can even be used on other ISP's and devices if authenticated with one of our free @voipar.com addresses.

5 Free @voipar.net Addresses

You can setup upto 5 email addresses using our voipar.com domain name. Each POP3 mailbox can be accessed from your desktop or via webmail. They are complete with free virus and spam filtering.

UK Based Phone & Email Support

All our support operates from our head office in South London. Phone calls are answered by trained and experienced staff who between them have handled 100,000's of broadband queries over the years. If you don't want to call, email in and the same team will reply to you regardless of the question.