Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now switch to VOIPAR Business without needing to contact your old supplier to get a MAC code. Simply sign up to our broadband or broadband and line packages and we’ll contact your old supplier for you. It’s as easy as that!

Take a look at our fibre availability checker to see which of our fibre products are available at your premises.

Yes, if you're not moving address. If you're moving premises as well as switching your phone and broadband to us, it depends on where you're moving. You need to be on the same telephone exchange to keep your number.

It is possible to get VOIPAR Business Broadband even if your telephone line is with another service provider.
For certain types of lines you may need to contact our Sales team by phone as our availability checker is restricted to the types of line it can validate.

Take a look at our broadband and fibre & phone line packages. Not only does a package make joining VOIPAReasy, you’ll get the best deals too.

If you're on either of our limited services, VOIPARBroadband (10GB limit) or VOIPARInfinity (50GB limit), we'll send you an email when you're close to using 80% of your data allowance.

You can also keep an eye on your usage by logging into your My VOIPAR Business account. Then go to Manage Services and click on Broadband Checker.

Why not stop worrying about data usage altogether by upgrading to one of our Unlimited broadband or fibre options?