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Our Services

  • Phone systems

    VOIPAR services allows you to utilize a fully-featured business telephone system over your high-speed broadband internet without setting up any expensive, devoted equipment or phone lines on your premises. VOIPAR can provide you with as many telephones as you need, and as many users you need.

  • Numbers

    VOIPAR can offer you any amount of Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers which can be called by users of any phone network to ring one or more of your local VoIP telephones. VOIPAR can accommodate you whether you need a single, main number for your office, or direct, dedicated numbers for each member of staff.

  • SIP Trunks

    VOIPAR offers SIP trunking to private and commercial operators of Asterisk PBX switches. They also provides all of the well known features of SIP even if you are connecting directly to SIP compliant devices or servers.

  • Call Recording

    VOIPAR Call recordings can be used for agent training purposes, to monitor performance, and to ensure quality of service.Easily set up automatic call recordings for multiple employees.
    Voipar call recording services are fully compliant with the latest FCA guidelines.

  • Leased Lines

    Leased lines provide your business with a dedicated fibre connection to the Internet and deliver the ultimate in broadband connectivity. They are not shared or contended with the VOIPAR network ensuring you get consistently fast broadband connection all day, every day.

  • Broadband

    Our internet services are specifically designed for businesses, be it corporate, enterprise, large medium or SOHO, ADSL, Fibre or dedicated leased line, no matter what your requirements, we have the right solution at the right price.

  • PSTN

    The VOIPAR Platform is fully RFC-compliant in respect to the implementation of the SIP protocol and is hence fully compatible with all VoIP solutions which are also similarly compliant. VOIPAR has users who have successfully deployed installations of Asterisk, Cisco and many other commercial VoIP applications.

  • ISDN

    ISDN is a high-performance service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission. Continuous data transmission makes it ideal for use with EPOS machines and intelligent tills in shops, especially in areas with patchy broadband coverage.


    Our SMS platform has been designed as a convenient way to send SMS text messages using an online interface for businesses, large and small. SMS provides a very unique and fast communication tool that will reach the consumer wherever they are.

  • Email

    Hosted Exchange from VOIPAR can help your business bring down the excessive costs of running Exchange in-house without the need for additional dedicated IT resources. Our Exchange can accelerate the technology evolution of your business at nearly on-demand speed while keeping setup costs minimal and on-going fees low.

Our Facilities

Our products have been developed to make sure an ideal fit for your business now and later on, strengthening you to negotiate with one supplier and one point of contact for all your information data, voice, phone systems maintenance specifications. A single functional program helps you save money, enhances workflow, drives effectiveness and results in problems being resolved quickly. Whatever the size of your company, VOIPAR has the ideal solution for you.

VOIPAR are pioneers in providing Cloud based Hosted VoIP Systems for UK companies. Compared with most VoIP companies VOIPAR does not depend on third party vendors, we own and have the UK based Carrier Class Telephone Systems Platform, which is located in one of London’s Tier One Data Centres.

Our Guarantee

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24/7/365 Support

VOIPAR maintains a highly trained client assistance group as well as a 24/7 tech help support team, ready to deal with most customer queries and problems. Our primary policy is to resolve any issue the same day that it is reported.


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